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The Twenty-07 Study was established in 1987 to examine the social processes that produce or maintain differences in health by key social positions over time. The study is following three cohorts of people, living in and around Glasgow, for twenty years - initially aged 15, 35 and 55 and aged 35, 55 and 75 in 2007/08 in the final year of the Study. As a result, the Twenty-07 Study provides us with unique opportunities to:

  • examine the effect of people's circumstances on their health across 60 years of the life span
  • compare the experiences of different generations of people at the same points in history
  • explore the health of people of the same age at different points in time

The Twenty-07 Study has collected data on people's every day lives. People in the Study have been interviewed every five years and asked questions about their paid and unpaid work, housing, income, family formation and composition, social support, cognitive functioning, life events, stress, leisure activities, health promoting and health damaging behaviours, beliefs and values, and many other material, cultural and psychological factors. In addition, nurses have measured their height, weight, girth, blood pressure, respiratory function and reaction times and respondents have told us about their general health, illnesses, operations, symptoms, disabilities and mental health. In the most recent wave of the Study, in addition to being asked about the topics above, Study respondents were asked to provide blood samples, which have been analysed to provide information on a range of important biomarkers as well as genetic information.

SWIFT provides a means for researchers to access study data through a three-stage approval process.

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